Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kai Kriye

"Kai Kriye" is the new blog I have been working on for a few days now. I came up with this idea to showcase my art work.This blog will include creativity of different kinds starting from a very simple painting to intricate and complex fine art. More about this blog and the contents will be updated soon. How do u like the color combinations on the blog ?

Kai Kriye ( "Kai" in kannada means "hand" and "Kriye" means "work")

All your inputs and comments are appreciated.

Note: Thanks Vasu (my elder sister) for suggesting the lovely name for this blog.


Uma said...

that's a lovely idea to showcase your art work. Love the kolam design. green looks good on that blog (he he, green is my fav.color). Waiting for your creations. Best wishes.

Veda Murthy said...

Thank u Uma....Do comeback here see my work!


Sujyothi said...

All the best for ur new venture!! Did u actually draw that?? Wooww...looks damn good!
Looking forward for more!

notyet100 said...

this looks like nice place,..willkeep droppin as even iaminto creativity...

Neerali Desai said...

you take us to new world of creative...i m so proud of your work...hope to see lot more work n future..well done...keep it up!!

Veda Murthy said...

Thanks jo...yes dear i drew took me a long while though...finally happy with todays results:-)

notyet100...sorry i did not find ur name...thank u for visiting this place....saw ur page too....very good work! keep coming here.

hey neerali,
Thank u for those very encuraging words! They really matter!

Regards to all,

LG said...

Tumba olle hesaru veda avare. Nimma hosa blogige nanna hardika shubhashayagalu. Nimma kai kriye nodalu kayutha idini.

Veda Murthy said...

wow....kannadalli baredidhhu nodi tumba santhosha ayithu!