Monday, June 2, 2008



Bengal gram (Kadle bele in Kannada) - 1 cup (soak for 2-3 hrs)
Snake gourd (Padavalkaayi in kannada) (halved, scooped, and sliced) - 2 cups
(Snake gourd-whats that????)
Oil - 2 tbl spns
Curry leaves - 1 strand
Mustard – 1 tspn
Black gram – 1 tspn
Turmeric – ½ tspn

For grinding:
Coconut – 2 to 3 tbl spns
Coriander - 2 tbl spns
Green chillies – 2 (you can either add green or red chillies, I like to add both)
Red chillies - 2
Hing- ½ tspn
Bengal gram (soaked)
Salt (add little while grinding)

Grind with very little water.


1.In a large pan, take oil and temper with mustard, black gram, curry leaves and turmeric.
2. To this, add the vegetable and fry for few minutes till the raw smell goes.
3. Then add water and little salt, cover and cook the vegetable. Once it’s cooked. Keep it aside.
4. Take oil in a different pan, add the ground mixture and fry well for 3-5 mins.
5. Lower the heat and mix the vegetables. Serve hot with chapathis, rice and rasam, sambhar or kolambu.

You can prepare this palya with gorikayi (cluster beans), any type of greens (like Dill, Amaranth Leaves (dantina soppu).


Vani said...

I thought I was the only one who'd posted Matvadi palya! You spell it differently from me. It looks delicious, Veda. Do check out my version under Sept 06 (my palya link does not work for some reason)

Uma said...

never heard of this curry. Looks delicious and simple. Thanks for sharing.

Sujyothi said...

that looks cool!
I tried it with Dill[Sabsige soppu], came out very well!!
But the quantity was a looooot, bad measurements i suppose:(
Anyways, the whole reason as in taste was great!
Good u posted this, cos most of us are not aware of this kind of palya!
Take care and keep posting!

Appu said...


Came by blog hopping some food blogs. I love matwadi palya and usually make it with gorikaye (cluster beans). Never tried it with padvalkayi though. Will try it out. Thanks for putting this up !

Veda Murthy said...

Hi appu,

happy to c u here...I have also given many other options like greens try it!


ranji said...

a very interesting dish...looks really delicious..