Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spring Onions and Fenugreek seeds in Tamarind concentrate (gojju)

I am officially back to posting recipes here from today! Phew! It has been such a long time! last couple of months it has been really strenous for me. Moving places, setting up a new home, new school for my daughter, but with family around here, everything seemed much more easy!

This concentrate (gojju) is prepared to eat along with chapathis as well as rice. A very good travel food because it doesnt get spoilt. We often make this at home with different ingredients. I get fresh batch of greens 2 days in a week delivered to my door step. You will always get to see atleast 2 types of greens in my fridge every week. This time around I bought Gongura leaves (was tempted to make Gongura Pappu from Indira's Mahanandi and beleive me it was so good there was not even a drop left to take a picture!!!!! ), 2 bundles of Fenugreek leaves and 1 bundle of lovely and fresh Spring Onions.

Spring Onions have to be used quickly like within a day or two or else they lose their freshness. I divided the bundle in to two. One for Veg Hakka Noodles (recipe will be here soon) and the other portion for this Gojju.

Adding fenugreek seeds to this gojju enhances the flavor and also we all know the benefits of using fenugreek in our daily diet. Right?

1 bunch Spring Onions (wash well and chop them)
1 Tbl spn Fenugreek Seeds
1 Tbl spn Jaggery
1 lemon sized tamarind soaked and extract the juice
1-2 Tspns Rasam powder (Refer to the recipe here)
Salt as per taste
2 Tbl spns Oil
1 tspn Mustard seeds
A pinch of Hing
1-2 strands of Curry leaves
1. Take a non-stck pan and add the seasonings one by one starting with oil, mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves.
2. Roast the fenugreek seeds until it turns slightly brown. Add the spring onions and fry well.
3. Add little water, jaggery, rasam powder, salt and allow it to boil.
4. Once the fenugreek and the onions are cooked, add the juice of tamarind and 1 tspn (gramflour mixed with water) to make it slightly thick. Boil it for a couple of minutes.
5. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve it with chapathis or curd rice.