Tuesday, May 13, 2008


By popular demand, I am today posting the recipe of Akki rotti. Akki rotti is one of the most delicious breakfasts. Many of whom I know, say its very tedious to make when you have a lot of people at home. Thats very true. Although I still love making it. But this is one breakfast item thats very very fast and can be made with just about any vegetable at home. Today i used Kohlrabi (Navilkosu in kannada, ganth gobi in hindi) , carrot and onion.
Rice flour - 3 cups
Green chilles (chopped)- 3
Grated carrot- 1 or 2
Grated kohlrabi-2
Onion - 1 chopped finely
Curry leaves chopped-2tspn
Coriander leaves-½ Cup
Coconut- 2tblspns
Salt to taste

1. Use a broad vessel to make the dough. Add the flour, vegetables, rest of the ingredients.
2. Take 2 cups of water but dont add it completely. Like how we use water for making chapathi dough, in the same way keep adding little water and mix the dough.
3. The dough should be of such consistency as in it should be easy to pat on the pan. Dont make it watery nor too hard.
4. Next take a non-stick pan, add 2 - 3 drops of oil , spread the oil with your hand throughout the pan.
5. Now take the dough about the size of a small orange and pat it on the pan, nice and uniform. If incase the dough sticks to your hand use little water or oil to pat it.
6. Once you are done , make a small hole in the middle of the rotti using your finger tip. This is done to pour oil in the middle, so it spreads to the middle portion of the rotti.
7. If you want to make small rottis like the one in the picture, then take a lemon sized dough to pat in the pan. These small ones are good to attract children and a good one to go with coffee too.

8. Once you are done, switch on the gas and place the pan. Drizzle oil on the sides and in the middle and close it with a lid to cook.
9. Cook one side of the rotti and then reverse to the other side and close the lid.
10. Once its done, serve with ghee and raw coconut chutney, or chutney pudi(powder) or with sambhar. Always have it hot!!!!
11. To make the next rotti simply immerse the hot tava in running tap water. It does surely make some frightening noise but nevertheless the fastest way to make another rotti because the pan has to be completely cooled down to use it again. If you have two non- stick pans, it becomes even more easier.

You can make 2 rottis simultaneously. Nothing happens to the pan when you run it under tap water because i have been doing this for 5½ yrs now and I am still using the same non-stick pan! So go ahead and try it out!

You can make this rotti with onion, carrot, capsicum, cucumber, raddish and many more vegetables. I will surely include more varieties of akki rottis in the future. Meanwhile try this and enjoyyyyy!


Ben said...

That doesn't look to difficult to make and I agree that sounds really good. I need to make this recipe for breakfast this week. Thanks!

Veda said...

hey ben,

Thanks for stopping by! do try it out n let me know how they turned out for u!!!!!!!!


Jayashree said...

I have always wanted to try out akki roti but haven't got around to it make it sound quite easy to make.

Lakshmi said...

Looks good. I love akki rotti, have few on my blog too.

Hetal said...

nice blog,loved ur recipes...would love to see u on my blog..

Veda said...

Dear jayashree

yes its very easy to go ahead n try it out!!!

Dear lg

will surely check ur blog too!

Dear Hetal,

thank u very much....

Cynthia said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and helping me to discover yours. I'm off now to explore your archives :)

Rachana said...

dyour akki rotti looks yummy .......... yeah akki rotti has been my favourite too. u know what, I try doing it with methi leaves., palak leaves and even grated beetroot at times. all these have a good taste of its own. add a little butter and eat it with coconut chutney....hmmmmm.. mouth watering....

Veda said...

Dear cynthia....its great u stopped by....keep visiting this page!

Dear rachana,

Thanks for all the lovely comments! I am very happy that u enjoy reading this blog as much i love writing here.

Archana Doshi said...

Perfect. I love these roti's and now with veggies added to it. I would love for you to send this recipe to the ONE DISH MEAL event I am hosting. The details for the event is at the link below. ONE DISH MEAL EVENT-

Anonymous said...

Hi Veda, Akki roti is a recipe I have always been looking for, and yours looks so promising. I see that your blogging is also inspired by your love for traditional cooking. Cheers!


hi veda,
ur blog is too gud..iam new to visit my blog when ur free...

Anonymous said...


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padmaja said...

Hey Veda,

Never tried akki rotti with navil kosu.. seems like a good option, will try it out soon! Hope HalliMane will take a tip! Nice recipes you have here:-)..