Friday, April 4, 2008



Raw mango - 1 (peeled and grated)
Rice - 1 Cup

For grinding:

Coconut-½ cup
Red chilli -2 to 3(depending on the spicyness of chillies)
Mustard - 1tspn
Tamarind – small piece (optional just for added taste)
Coriander leaves - ½ cup

For seasoning:

Oil – 2 tspns
Mustard - ½ tspn
Bengal gram - ½ tspn
Black gram - ½ tspn
Ground nut – 1 handful
Curry leaves- 1 strand
Turmeric - ½ tspn
Little jaggery (size of ½ lemon)

1. Cook rice with just enough water so that it doesn’t stick and spread it on big pan to separate the grains.
2. While that gets cooled, grind all the ingredients mentioned in the grinding list above. Also add the raw mango and just switch on the blender one last round just for a couple of seconds. This is done to blend raw mango with the rest of the mixture.
3. Then take a non-stick pan and add the entire seasonings one after the other. Add in the ground mixture and fry for few minutes. Add salt as required.
4. Add a little grated jaggery to this if you find it too sour. Switch off the stove and then place the vessel down.
5. Mix this paste to the cooled rice (add another spoon of oil if required).
6. Keep the rice again on the stove in a low flame and cover it for 5 mins.

It tastes SIMPLY SUPERB!!!!


vidya said...

veds.. I made manga Vogre for Ugadi.. turned out superb.. Your blog is so handy!!!keep it going!!

Veda Murthy said...

hey thank u so much vids....i m glad my blog is useful and all the effort i m putting is not wasted! ur comments and appreciation mean a lot to me.

Bellini Valli said...

I have enjoyed browsing through your blog so far Veda. You have so many delicious and authentic recipes here. Indian cooking and spices are still a mystery to me...but I am learning slowly. I have made Chicken Mughlai and Tandoori so far:D I will definitely add you to my blog list:D

BangaloreBaker said...

I make this all the time, of course a little different version of my mother's. Nice to see a recipe which not too many people know outside of karnataka.