Monday, November 3, 2008

Diwali thali recipes for Sapadu ready event and Priti's Festive Food Event at Indian Khana!

For the Sapadu Ready Event, I am reposting the Diwali menu with recipes for each on the thali.


Cook 1 cup Red gram dhal (Thuar dhal/Thogari bele) in a pressure cooker. Mash it slightly. Take a small kadai or pan, Add oil, mustard, 2-3 green chillies(split), coconut, hing(a pinch), and coriander leaves all about 1 tspn. Add salt to taste and mix it. Thats done!

3. RED AMARANTH LEAVES CURRY (Kempu Dantusoppina palya):
Chop a bunch of amaranth leaves and cook in pressure cooker for only one wistle with little water. In a deep bottomed pan or Kadai, Take 1 tblspn Oil, 1 tspn mustard seeds, a pinch of Hing, 1 tspn bengal gram, 1tspn black gram, curry leaves (1 strand), 2-3 green or red chilles, and finally add the leaves without the water. You can use the water for making rasam or soup. fry for a few minutes in oil. Finally add 1 tbl spn coconut. Mix well and serve with chapathi or rice and rasam combination!


Main ingredient is the Rasam powder. When you have this ready follow the procedure given below.

Pressure cook ½ cup Red gram dhal. In a vessel boil 1 Cup of water with fine chopped tomatoes (2 tomatoes). Add 1 tbl spn rasam powder, 1 tspn jaggery, allow it to boil for 5 minutes. Add 1 strand of curry leaves, coriander leaves (1tbl spn) after 5 mins of boiling. Add the dhal and boil for 3-4 minutes. Add the juice of soaked tamarind (about 1 tbl spn) and salt. Temper it with little Oil or ghee with mustard seeds and jeera and hing!


Use the same method for sambhar like rasam. Additions are to cook the green gram with the red gram dhal and add sambhar powder while boiling. recipe for sambhar powder coming up soon!


Fine chop 1 Cucumber in to small pieces. Add coconut (1tbl spn), green chilli (2 chopped), coriander leaves (1 tbl spn), temper it using oil, mustard seeds and hing. Add salt when you are just about to serve it.

Boiled Milk - 1 litre

1 Cup Sevai - Roast it in a deep bottomed pan with little ghee until it turns golden brown.

1½ Cups -Sugar

Cardamom powder - 1 tspn

Saffron - few strands

Raisins - 10

Cashewnuts - fried in little ghee (6-7)


a. Add roasted sevai in boiling milk. Keep stirring on a low flame.

b. Once the sevai is cooked, add sugar to the milk. Allow it to dissolve.

c. After a couple of minutes, add saffron strands, cardamom powder, Cashews and raisins.

d. Switch off the flame. Allow it to cool. Best served when chilled.

8. SAPSEEGE SOPPU AMBODE (Fried flattened balls made from a mixture of Dill leaves and soaked bengal gram)


To grind coarsely without adding much water:

Bengal gram - 1 cup (soaked) save 1 tbl spn for mixing with the batter

Green chillies - 2

Red chillies - 1

Hing - ½ tspn

Coconut - 2 tbl spns

Salt to taste

Once the batter is ready add Dill leaves - half a bunch (chopped) and soaked bengal gram (1tbl spn that you had saved earlier).

Heat Oil in a deep bottomed pan and take a lemon sized batter flatten it and add one by one when the oil is hot. Reduce the heat and allow it fry on both the sides till its golden brown.

Another addition to the batter is fine chopped onion. But since it takes up more oil I omitted it. You can defintely give it a try because with onions its even more tastier.

So there you go, I have posted the recipes for all the food that was on the thali for diwali at my home. Do try this at your home and let me know of your experiences!

This is heading straight to Aartee of Nalabagham for her SAPADU READY event!
I am also sending this Thali to Priti's Festive food Event at Indian Khana

Hope she likes it!


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