Monday, March 1, 2010

2 years!

Though Jan 14th is officially the day I started my blog 2 years ago, I am celebrating it only this month. The start of the New year has been good for me. Touchwood! I exhibited my paintings at Chitra Santhe organised by Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath and I was extremely thrilled about the sales. You can see more about the event on my art blog Kai Kriye . I celebrated my blog birthday with some good shopping rather than cooking for a change.

I must admit the last year I did not have many posts. No excuses for that. But this year hopefully I will make up for it! :-) Thank you to all my readers and friends for having supported me and for all the amazing encouragement. I am glad I could keep in touch with my blogger friends through Facebook! gosh its so difficult to know otherwise whats happening on everyone's blog! Even though I havent found time to blog more posts but I sure do check out other's blog and let them know what I think of their's!!!!

Have a lovely year ahead friends!!!!