Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My New Kitchen!!!!!!

Moving in to one's own space can be very tiresome and at the same time very exciting. It becomes even more strenous when you have to start furnishing every corner of your home. As a homemaker and having a blog I spend most of my time in my kitchen. I just dont see it as a "kitchen"! As an artist I get very excited when I see a blank canvas. My creative mind starts thinking immediately. Kitchen is also a blank canvas for me where I like to spend hours together cooking new things, trying out different recipes, writing about them all in my blog.

Uploading a few photos of my new kitchen. Have some more but right now having trouble to upload them all....will update soon!

Thanks to my sister Vasu who gave me some valuable inputs (by the way did I mention she has a very good blog on interior designing where she gives her readers some wonderful tips on how to decorate your home with some very normal things but that which can turn in to something extraordinary and look like a million bucks! Her blog is called Cherishing spaces. Do visit this space)

Also a huge hug to my Hubby for making my dream come true! Thanks to the team of people who worked on the kitchen! They did a brilliant job!

Friday, June 19, 2009


After months of selecting and discussing different types and makes of kitchen brands we finally settled on one last month. Finally the wait is over. Crossing my fingers!!!!This week our kitchen should be done! Will keep you all updated and may be post some pictures of my new kitchen:-)

You will see me here more often posting some amazing recipes. Even after being dormant for a long time, the blog has seen an increase in the reader numbers. Thanks to all my readers for visiting this page often and checking if I have posted anything new. There were some who actually even mailed me to find out when I will be back here. That was very sweet of you all....My answer is very soon..........:-)

Have a good weekend!