Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Pongal and Shankranthi!!!!

I am starting my blog on this auspicious day of the year. Keeping in mind with the tradition I will start off with pongal. On this day of the year every household in Karnataka and Tamil nadu, prepare two kinds of pongal. The first one is sweet pongal and the second one is spicy(khara)pongal.


Sujyothi said...

I loved the Chutney recipe!!
Hmm...I now know your secret recipe behind that delicious chutney I ate at ur place!!
@all- Khara Pongal is also called Venn Pongal by the Tamils!and the Sweet Pongal is Sakkara pongal...Dont forget to get your share of Prashad at Vishnu temples on special occasions!!its simply delicious!!M sure Veds will agree!

Veda Murthy said...

hey jo....thanks for the tamil names of pongals! they r truly yummy when u have them at temples....